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Booksnbuddies is a networking platform around books and an online book rental service provided by Benefic Media & Entertainment Pvt ltd. Booksnbuddies endeavors to converge readers, writers, book critics, educationists, parents, teachers and other experts from the book trade and publishing Industry onto a common ground.
  Our Beliefs  
We at booksnbuddies believe that whatever we have come to be known as, on this planet is temporary; we are visiting earth for a short period. We are not what we are known as, and we will have to leave this planet once our visitorís visa expires. However during this beautiful visit, our aim is to attain knowledge and rise to a higher level of awareness. Knowledge comes through experiences and we also learn from experiences of others when they share them with us. Text Books are the best example of experiential knowledge being handed over to us through generations. In fact, every book, including fiction, is an experiential knowledge, shared with us by their lovely authors, and therefore every book enriches us and transforms us. We change a bit by reading each book. Each book read, also raises us to a higher level of consciousness, which is our ultimate goal as visitors to this planet. Each book read is also a journey, and all journeys are relished even more when they are shared, therefore itís better to have buddies to share what we have read, and thatís what prompted us to name ourselves Booksnbuddies.
  Our Research  
  Our research shows that, in India, although the publishing industry is growing, the average readership levels are dropping, the growth is mainly attributed to rise in literacy levels and population. The fall in readership is largely due to growth of other mediums which take away present generationís large chunk of available time. In Tier A & Tier B towns teenagers, and even adults, today divide their available time between Television, Internet, Movies, Computer games etc. Our research leads to the fact that majority of our youth is not heavily into reading books.  
  Our Assumptions  
We believe that reading is still the best form of education. Given the above research, we assume that although we are consuming lot of information and enhancing our knowledge, we are doing it less through reading books and more through new age media. We assume, therefore, that as a society we (the literates) are getting increasingly divided into well informed and well educated. Our history reveals that we have had great men who have been technically uneducated but excelled in their respective fields (Bill Gates included), however the percentage of such people is less. The point is that education helps, even if only to some extent, and if we as a society move from being an educated society, to a well informed and well entertained society, our evolution is bound to be slowed down. In order to keep on evolving as individuals and as a society we must keep reading.
  Our Vision  
Our vision, therefore is, ďTo create products and services which contribute to the idea of facilitating people in continuously getting educatedĒ
  Our Mission  
To enable people read books by making them accessible in a cost effective manner at their doorsteps.

Booksnbuddies, invites you to be a member and benefit from its services.
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